Elsan Elektrik provides end-to-end solutions from the preparation of the recommendation report to the submission of the bid documents in its projects.

Our project services include high voltage, low voltage and extra low voltage systems.

Our company takes client and facility needs into consideration and attaches importance to compliance with local and international standards & regulations. Professional design (Revit and AutoCAD) and calculation programs are used in the project design stage.

Elsan Elektrik has realized more than 1.500 projects since 1974.


•Industrial Facilities: Factory, hydroelectric power plant, cogeneration plant, solar power plant, agricultural plant
•Technological Facilities: Data center, data processing center
•Offices: Headquarters building, business center, plaza
•Commercial Buildings: Shopping mall, store, restaurant, warehouse, hangar, cold storage
•Government Buildings: Consulate, municipality building, monument, park, garden and recreation areas
•Places of Worship
•Health Facilities: Hospital, polyclinic, laboratory, nursing home
•Tourist Facilities: Hotel, holiday village, marina, touristic canal
•Mixed Use Buildings
•Highrise Buildings
•Habitation: Residence, housing, villa
•Educational Facilities: School, university, dormitory building
•Cultural Facilities: Theater hall, cultural center, cinema, concert hall, museum, TV tower, TV studios
•Recreational Facilities
•Sports Facilities: Stadiums and sports complexes
•Historic Buildings: Restoration of historical buildings
•Transportation Projects: Highway, interactive highway, airport
•Bank: Headquarters building and branches