Since its establishment in 1974, Elsan Elektrik has been performing electrical contracting services with its experienced staff consisting of expert electrical engineers and site teams having innovative and customer-oriented approach.

Our electrical contracting service covers all processes including pre-implementation evaluation, implementation and delivery of the system.

In the pre-implementation evaluation phase, design criteria and system selections are examined and optimized aiming to reduce project cost and execution time. The local and international standards & regulations in the location where the work is carried out are taken as basis and the quality of the work and the operational efficiency of the installation are considered.

During the implementation phase, shop drawing projects are completed by coordinating with other disciplines. Depending on the methods prepared, site electrical installation works are performed with high quality workmanship. Visual and numerical data on the process are reported daily.

In the delivery of the work, all installation tests and equipment controls are realized in accordance with the procedures which comply with commissioning methods. After the test and reporting processes, the system is activated and it is brought into operation stage with the completion of as built projects.

Since 1974, Elsan Elektrik has completed and delivered more than 500 electrical installation (electrical contracting) works.


•Industrial Facilities: Factory
•Technological Facilities: Data center, data processing center
•Offices: Headquarters building, business center, plaza
•Commercial Buildings: Shopping mall, store, restaurant, warehouse
•Government Buildings: Consulate, municipality building, monument, park, garden and recreation areas
•Places of Worship
•Health Facilities: Laboratory, nursing home
•Tourist Facilities: Hotel, holiday village
•Mixed Use Buildings
•Highrise Buildings
•Habitation: Residence, housing, villa
•Educational Facilities: School, university
•Cultural Facilities: Theater hall, cultural center, cinema, concert hall, museum and TV studios
•Recreational Facilities
•Sports Facilities: Stadiums and sports complexes
•Historic Buildings: Restoration of historical buildings
•Transportation Projects: Highway, interactive highway, airport, port
•Bank: Headquarters building and branches