From Past to Present: “Elsan Elektrik”
Since its establishment in 1974, our company has been providing solutions in electrical project design, contracting, consultancy and operation services in the electrical installation sector.

In performing these services, our company works in compliance with local and international standards and regulations, and attaches importance to innovation, development of the sector and integration with the world.

Elsan Elektrik has adopted the principles of keeping the engineering and business economies in the forefront, preferring the designs which will be efficient and prevent  environmental pollution, directing the client in this direction, contributing to the development of the country and taking place in international platforms. These principles cover all the work and working methods of ELSAN Elektrik A.Ş.

Till now our company has completed;

  • More than 1.500 electrical project designs,
  • More than 500 electrical contracting works,
  • About 50 consultancy & inspection services,
  • Different types of projects in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Algeria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia etc.

Elsan Elektrik will continue to provide customer focused, efficient and innovative solutions to its clients in Turkey and abroad. By this way, it will carry on to contribute to the development of the sector and our country.

Kind regards,

Founder & CEO